How much does a fence cost in Connecticut | 2023

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How much does a fence cost in Connecticut | 2023

Are you curious about the average cost of installing a fence in Connecticut for the 2023 season? If you are planning on adding a fence to your property this upcoming year, there are many factors that can determine the cost of your project. While researching which type of fence material and design best fits into both your budget and needs may seem daunting, understanding the costs involved can help you make the right choice for your home. In this blog post, we will break down each element necessary to understand what goes into calculating the total price of a fence installation in Connecticut including materials, labor and any other miscellaneous expenses.

Which Fence Type Is Best For Me?

When it comes to choosing the right fencing for your home, vinyl fencing offers an attractive and durable option for those looking for a low-maintenance fence. Wood fences can provide added privacy and traditional aesthetic values, while chain-link fencing is the least expensive option. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, pet containment fencing or pool fencing may be necessary additions to your fence selection, providing extra protection needed when having pets at home or adding a pool on the property. Ultimately, each owner has their own distinct considerations when selecting the right fence for their home.
Wood fencing, cedar fencing

The Cost To Install A Fence

Now that you have selected which fence is best for you here is some general pricing! The pricing for these fence is based on “LFT” or linear foot. Meaning, multiply the length of your fence by the “Price per LFT” to get an estimated cost. The cost to install a fence varies from project to project however. Expect some price ranges in any quote you receive for your new fence installation!

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How much does a fence cost in Connecticut | 2023?? Lets find out!

Vinyl Fencing

Fence Type
3 Rail Vinyl – – $ 30.00 Cost per Lft

Picket Vinyl – – $ 44.00 Cost per Lft

Privacy Vinyl – – $ 49.00 Cost per Lft

Wood Fencing
3 Rail Split Rail – – $ 30.00 Cost per Lft

Cedar Wood Privacy – – $ 57.00 Cost per Lft

Spaced Picket Wood – – $ 48.00 Cost per Lft

Stockade – – $ 44.00 Cost per Lft

Chain-Link Fencing
Fence Type

Residential-Chain Link – – $ 38.00 Cost per Lft

Pool Fencing
Fence Type

Residential-Aluminum – – $ 45.00 Cost per Lft

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How much does a fence cost in Connecticut | 2023

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