Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is your service area?

We service the New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield and Middlesex counties of Connecticut.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes! Our work comes with a 5 year installation warranty, 5x the industry average.

How much does a fence cost?

The cost depends on a variety of many different details. Such as length, material gates and much more. However, our team is able to provide fence quotes using our satellite program and provide accurate quotes over the phone in just minutes. Or use our fence estimate calculator as well!

How long does it take to install a fence?

The time of installation depends on the needs of the project. Yet, most projects take 1-3 days to complete.

Can I finance my fence?

Yes! We offer financing to qualified customers all at 0% APR. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Wood Fence FAQ

Does my wood fence have concrete on the posts?

No! Concrete will hold moisture against the post and accelerate the rotting process of the post.

How long will my wood fence last?

Wood fence will last about 8-12 years for pressure treated and about 15 years for cedar.

How much maintenance does my wood fence require?

Wood fence maintenance is normally low. It may require periodic staining, painting or sanding depending on preference. However, this is not a must, and a wood fence can also have zero maintenance requirements. A stain or paint can help extend the life of the fence.

Vinyl Fencing FAQ

How much maintenance is required?

None! At worst your vinyl fence may need a simple power washing and will look brand new after!

How long will my vinyl fence last?

Our vinyl products have a lifetime warranty on the material!

Does vinyl fencing come in different colors?

Yes! Vinyl comes in many colors from white, black, tan, clay and much more!

Will the color of my vinyl fence fade away?

We hand select all of our fence manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality product. Our fences go through a very specific process that ensures the colors never fade, stain or change.

Pool Fencing FAQ

How do I know my fence will meet pool code requirements?

In ground pool fencing in Connecticut has very specific requirements to satisfy state laws or house insurance requirements. We are your go-to experts! We will suggest styles that meet pool code requirements and our installers trained specifically in pool code to install within the parameters set forth.
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