Fence Companies In Madison Connecticut

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Fencing

Fence Companies In Madison Connecticut, Lions Creek Fencing

Lions Creek Fencing has been providing homeowners and businesses the area’s best fence companies in Madison, Connecticut and surrounding New Haven County towns. Additionally, our team at Lions Creek provides not just fence installation but also fence repair and custom fencing. We have personally selected each product we offer such as privacy fencing, pet fencing, pergolas, pool fencing, garden fencing, chain-link fencing, custom fencing and much more for Madison, Connecticut. At Lions Creek Fencing, we make it a point to use only the highest quality fence materials. We have very proudly served Madison for many years, with all of our fences still in use today! If you’re looking for the best Fence Contractors in Madison, Connecticut you’ve come to the right place with Lions Creek Fencing!

Why are we Madison, CTs Leading Fence Contractor?

At Lions Creek Fencing we pride ourselves in being Madison, CT’s preferred contractor. Each of our service towns we call home! We provide the perfect fence options based on your location and style. If your home is near Hammonasset Beach State Park, we have great privacy options to help with the heavy summer traffic. Also, if you’re near the Madison Green Historic District we may be trying to some classic cedar picket fencing.

Fencing Services Provided to Madison, Connecticut

Which Fence Type Is Best For You?

We get asked frequently about “what type of fence is best for my property?”. Is vinyl best, is wood best or even aluminum? Our team is here to help! We know there are many options for your new fence but we will help sort all of that with you. We pride ourselves on being industry experts, meaning we are ready to match you with your perfect fence.

How Can I get A Free Fence Quote?

At Lions Creek Fencing, we provide free fence quotes to Madison, Connecticut but also all surrounding towns and counties in Connecticut. We are just a phone call away or visit our website as well! One of our experienced estimators will come out and match your needs with a certain fence style or even provide multiple! One detail to always be aware of is the potential permit requirements. For instance 6′ fences and lower normally do not require a permit. However, any fence higher than 6′ will always require a permit. However, this is not to worry, our team will solve all these complications!

Why Choose Lions Creek Fencing

Lions Creek fencing remains one of the leading fence companies in Madison, Connecticut. Your homes new security fence, privacy fence or pet fence should not be left up to just any fence company. If you are looking to get a head start on your new fence give us a call today!, Get In Touch With Us Today!

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